Take Care of Your Roof Repair

Get roofing services from Dow Contracting

Rely on a professional team to handle your roof repair needs. Dow Contracting LLC will bring a well-trained team to tackle your roof repair. A team member will assess the damage, provide you with a quote and complete the repair to our high-quality standards. Once we are finished, you can rest assured you have a top-notch roof over your head.

Set up an appointment with our team today by calling 518-265-9291.

When to call for a roof repair

When to call for a roof repair

Part of homeownership is keeping up with routine maintenance, and that includes your roof. Keep an eye on your roof and watch for signs of damage. It's time to repair your roof if:

  • Shingles are missing
  • Water is pooling or leaking
  • Mold is growing

Do you notice any of these problems with your roof? Contact Dow Contracting today to set up your roof repair.

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